Lighting The Shadows I: Color Magick

Today I begin something I’ve been considering for a long time. I’m going to take pages from my own personal Book of Shadows (which I define differently than most people do) and turn it into the blog version of a lecture. Because I’m slightly…let’s say nervous…I’ll start out modestly with the kind of thing that you can find on almost any Magick related website. Uses of colors in Magick.

I’ll start out with the colors of the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple (or Violet if you’re scientifically or artistically inclined…to the rest of us it’s purple). Then we’ll move on to the non-colors, black and white.


Red: Sexual Love, Protection, Courage, Vital Health

Magickally speaking, red symbolizes Protection, Courage, Vital Health, and Sexual Love. That’s right, I said Sexual Love. That isn’t to say that by burning a red candle and saying a few “magic words” that you’ll suddenly be healthy, courageous, protected, and have lots of sex (with no worry of babies or STDs because, you’re protected, right?). No. However, what this DOES mean is that you can use red objects (such as candles) to assist in rituals (read: spell, I don’t like the term spell and prefer the term ritual as it is technically more accurate) dealing with these subjects. For example, a ritual to protect your house (not cleansing, that’s something entirely different and should be done first) could use a red altar cloth or candle. A ritual to increase the…passion…in your relationship (with your partner’s permission, of course) could use Dragons Blood incense seeing as it tends to be red (if it’s not…good luck).


Orange: Attraction, Luck

Orange is…shall we say a tricky color. Generally speaking, you want to avoid rituals which involve personal gain, especially at the loss of another. Karma really is a bitch. However, if Attraction and Luck were something that were ONLY personal gain, I would have left Orange off of this list. HOWEVER, you can also use Orange for less…messy things. For example, using it to draw in (read: attract) weather spirits to ease a drought (note: sometimes the Spirits have other plans). Or, say you need a little extra boost of luck to get yourself or a friend through a job interview (technically this falls under personal gain but…in this economy I’ll let it slide).


Yellow: Communications, Legalities, Attraction

Yellow is, unfortunately, another complicated one. You have to, once again watch out for that personal gain. The Attraction property works exactly the same as it does with Orange so I won’t go back into that. On the other hand, its other two properties can be a bit confusing for those unwilling (or unable) to think outside the box. Communications doesn’t necessarily mean “make that boy/girl I like call me” so much as it means “help me be able to communicate my thoughts clearly.” Legalities doesn’t mean “make me win that court case” so much as it means “help justice be done.” Try to use these ones for personal gain and Karma will put her ass-biting teeth in.


Green: Healing, Prosperity, Luck, Fertility

Ah Green. Green is nice and simple, just so long as you avoid that annoying little prosperity aspect. Green is practically the only color that has little to no repercussions for what could be considered personal gain usage, once again excepting that “Prosperity” thing and “Luck” as was mentioned in Orange. You can use Green to ask the powers that be (whatever you believe that may be) to help you finally have that baby, or to help you get over that headcold you’ve had for a week. Now, about that Prosperity factor. If you haven’t figured out by now that using a ritual to make you rich and famous is a bad idea, you’re an idiot. However, asking for help getting over a financial crisis or preventing one is perfectly alright. It’s all about baby-steps.


Blue: Healing, Peace

Ah Blue, I love you Blue. I don’t need a nasty warning about personal gain here. Blue is the hippie of  the magickal colors. There’s really no way you could possibly interpret it negatively. Use it to help any sort of healing ritual you may be casting, or burn a blue candle while you’re mediating for some Inner Peace. You can’t go wrong with Healing and Peace. You just can’t.


Purple: Power, Prosperity, Healing, Magickal Energy

Purple. Remember how I said I LOVE Blue? I HATE Purple. This one needs all sorts of “USE CAREFULLY” and “WARNING, DON’T BE A F*CKIG MORON” labels on it. I’m sure you can see why. The same warning applies to Prosperity here as it did to green, and Healing is the same as it’s been on the several colors before it. The issue here comes from Power and Magickal Energy. It does NOT mean that it will make you the ruler of the world or give you visible tangible “magic powers.” What it means is that it helps you remain strong through tough times, possibly advancing a LITTLE socially and/or will help your energy keep flowing through a long drawn out ritual.


Black: Focus, Absorption and Destruction of Negativity

This is admittedly one you probably won’t find anywhere else. I discovered these properties myself after discovering that I work best with Black, in general. The fun thing about black is that it’s a combination of all the other colors, so in addition to these uses you can theoretically use it for any purpose listed for the colors above. Black is also useful if you, like me, have problems focusing yourself. It can also be useful in a cleansing ritual, but only if used properly. Unfortunately, black has a stigma due to the assumption that it’s associated with “Black Magic” which, frankly, it isn’t. Also, I will go in detail into how “Black Magic” as a whole makes no sense as a concept in a later post.


It’s white, on a white background, ok? Not like I could change my page layout for this one item.

White: Protection, Purity, Truth

White is, as you probably expected, the purest of all “colors.” It is the absence of all color and thus the easiest to use in purification rituals. It is also simple to use in Protection rituals similar to Red. The “Truth” aspect is where it gets wonky. Once again it’s meant to HELP the truth come out, not force it. However it tends to be very zealous in its…helping…if requests aren’t worded properly so use that aspect carefully. (It should be noted, however, that oaths made over a white candle are rather useful due to this property.

In a later post I will go in detail into Karma and the like, but for now I will clarify, when I say above that you “can’t” use it for something I mean that you “shouldn’t”. That is to say, for example, you can use purple in a ritual to bring yourself physical power, but it may not turn out the way you intended. Even if it does, Karma will probably come bite you in the ass for it later. Food for thought.

P.S. I understand that there are many other uses one can find for the colors I listed. These are just the ones I have written down and have personally verified. They are also only the uses, not the elemental alignments etc. I may do another post on elemental affinity later.


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