A Little Sanity, If You Please.

Since I seem to be the only pagan in the world who hasn’t said SOMETHING about this, I figured I’d talk about the “Fox and Friends” situation.


For those of you that don’t know, a few days ago Tucker Carlson and the other two talking bobbleheads that host the Fox News Channel show “Fox & Friends” were discussing College calendars. Well, ok they were discussing one particular school’s calendar which decided to list the eight Wiccan holy days for professors to be aware of. This was presumably so that teachers wouldn’t be caught completely off guard when John or Jane Doe suddenly came up to them and asked for exam or homework rescheduling because it happened to fall on a holy day which they wished to observe.

Of course, being the talking bobbleheads that they are, the Fox & Friends crew went on a little tangent about how they “Don’t know any wiccans,” how the main thing wrong with “wiccanism” (a term they used several times and I wanted to throw something at my computer monitor for) was that it’s a form of witchcraft, ranting about them having “20 holidays” and how they “can’t take any religion who’s most important holiday is Halloween seriously.” Tucker Carlson himself went on to say that all Wiccans that HE knew of were either avid Dungeons and Dragons players or “twice divorced middle-aged women living in the mid-west working as a midwife.”

Now, because not everyone has learned to take everything from Fox news with a grain of salt yet, the Wiccan community and a large portion of the Pagan community collectively shat themselves with indignation and DEMANDED that Fox News apologize.

On a later show. Tucker Carlson did apologize.

Just look how sorry I am

Just look how sorry I am

The apology took about fifteen seconds and amounted to essentially, “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, I’m not that kind of person, honest.”

As you might imagine, a lot of people weren’t happy about this. They thought that their hurt feelings deserved more than a fifteen second apology. They thought he should have redacted and/or corrected everything that he said which was wrong. They thought that his own mother should have been on air holding him by the ear and screaming “Say it like you mean it!” (Ok I might be exaggerating a BIT on that last one)

I, for one, am perfectly happy with the apology we received. Here is why:

First of all, congratulations you got an official apology out of FOX NEWS. This is the network which practically claims to be infallible, and you got them to say “Sorry” to a demographic that ISN’T their base!

Second, you have to realize that the apology you received was on a talk show with a set time schedule. They have so many things that they need to discuss in that period of time that a lengthy redaction would have not only cut into their talking point time, but would have also caused their viewership to decline (see my earlier point about how we are not their base). Yes, it was about 15 seconds long and sounded like it was probably forced under threat of his job, but Fox and Friends is not a newspaper. A newspaper can simply add another page if they run out of room because they ran a redaction/correction. A talk show can not tack on another half hour because they had to correct an earlier show.

So, in conclusion, I repeat as I seem to need to constantly; (ad nauseum) everyone, please calm the hell down. Also, a little sanity if you please.


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