A Return to a Common Complaint

I can’t believe I have to write another article addressing News Agencies. I honestly thought that I had discussed nearly every gripe I could possibly have against the News. I was wrong. That being said, here goes nothing.

Dear News Agencies;

It has come to my attention that many of you consider morality to mean “Christian morality.” Or at the very least you have let yourselves be corrupted by the common misconception that Witchcraft=evil. I recently read an article, (it doesn’t matter where, you all do it from time to time) which claimed that someone “wasn’t innocent” nearly entirely on the basis that she practiced Witchcraft. Not only is this incorrect, it is immoral and offensive and is the type of comment that should NEVER appear in journalism.

Witchcraft is a part of everyday life for millions of people who, nearly always, perform rituals for good or with good intentions. For others it is simply a more complex form of prayer. I can’t help but wonder, would you have printed the same story if the spin was that she is Christian and occasionally prays?

I somehow doubt it.

So, a quick lesson. Morals should not, and are not, be based on religious beliefs but common decency toward your fellow-man. Your Christ would hang his head in shame if he were to see the way his followers behave. Peace and acceptance, not hate and discrimination, should be observed.

Now, all of you need to go ask Tom Brokaw how to be a proper journalist.


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My name is Schwarherz, and I'll be your server tonight. The special is Truth with a side of Sarcasm. You want pandering? Sorry we're fresh out. What's that? Have I found Jesus? Why yes I have, turns out he and Thor were playing Hide and Seek and Thor was "It." Can you blame the guy for hiding well? I mean, last time they played there was a nasty incident involving a Cross, Mjölnir, and some nails... P.S. For those of you who speak/read German; yes, I know my name is misspelled. It's done intentionally and symbolically.

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