Video Games II

Since apparently y’all like video games (seriously, I had my most views ever after posting that last one) and since I know I like video games; let’s talk about video games.

Assassins Creed III

This game was released recently (yes a month ago is recently. shut up). I have yet to play it but, from what I’ve seen…I have mixed feelings. The gameplay looks amazing, the graphics bordering on unbelievable. I love the Assassins Creed series, as a whole. However there’s something about the new main character (as if Desmond has EVER been the main character if Assassins Creed. The thought is laughable.) that just doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe it’s just the way the trailers and teaser videos are done, but something about him just seems too aloof. He seems too hard to step into the shoes of, which is always what gets me interested in an RPG. This goes back to the last post I made, he seems to be one of the new generation of cookie-cutter characters who is so flat you just don’t see the realism of him. It’s definitely a step down from Ezio Auditore from what I can see. But who knows? As I said I have yet to play the game, so I’ll have to rent it some time and see for myself.

The Steam Autumn Sale

The Steam Autumn Sale is currently going on and, honestly, I’m not sure how much of a good thing that is. Yes you can buy games at ridiculous prices on the low end of the spectrum for once, but at the same time crap at a lower price is still crap. Maybe I’m getting pickier because I’m getting older, but a LOT of the games on the Steam Store fall into the category I talked about in my previous post “meh I’ve played it 30 times.” It seems like the ones that don’t tend to fall into their own category, “Why would ANYONE want to play this?” Or the ever-so-classic “Why is this game $60?” I have nothing against Steam. In fact I LOVE Steam and I love that it’s coming to Linux soon. My problem with Steam lies within my problem with the video game developers, not Steam and certainly not Valve. The ability to create a store from which you can buy gold in a market of crap unfortunately requires you to accumulate a lot of crap.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II


ANNO: 2070

Yes, this game is a little old now (released Nov 17, 2011) but I don’t believe it gets the attention it deserves. Maybe I just reclaimed my soul from Blizzard to sell it to Ubisoft (gods forbid), but I can find little to no fault in this game. The storyline is engaging, the multiplayer is entertaining. It somehow manages to create a community dynamic without you having to ever actually interact with another person (via World Council and Senate voting). Perhaps it’s still in the shiny “new toy” phase for me as I only got it about a month or two ago. Who knows?

Actually…now that I think of it I CAN find a fault with ANNO. Not a very big one, though. The assistant who guides you through the game, E.V.E.. If you’ve ever played the original Starcraft, she’s a LOT like the Adjutant in that she gives you the mission parameters and other miscellaneous information through the course of a game map. The difference (and annoyance) lies in the sheer AMOUNT of information she gives you during EVERY map. Essentially she ends up feeling less like an assistant and more like a babysitter or kindergarten teacher (“Ok sweetie now put up some more fisheries or the people on your island will starve. And that won’t be good at all!”) While the game would benefit as a whole from her involvement being toned down, at the same time, that level of involvement is almost necessary. There are SO many things for you to keep track of during the course of a map that, if she weren’t there, you’d end up in catastrophic failure within about ten minutes because you got sidetracked by something shiny (or maybe that’s just me) and forgot to do something semi-important (building fisheries, for example). All-in-all I say, if you like RTS games, play this. If you don’t like RTS games…well…hell I don’t know play Assassins Creed or something (just stay AWAY from Call of Duty. It’s EVIL!).


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