Video Games

That’s right, video games. I figured, in lieu of what I normally write (read:bitch) about, it’s time that I talk about something slightly less serious. Thus: video games. It is my blog after all, and I never said it had to ALWAYS be about religion and politics. In fact, I’ll probably make this a regular thing. Maybe even some do some reviews and the like.

That being said, where have the good games gone? It used to be that, every year, there’d be several new games that all piqued my interest. They would sit me riveted to the tv or computer screen for hours (or days, depending) on end until I either beat them or gave up in abject frustration (only to return months later and finish but that’s beside the point). Non-custom characters were GOOD because they had their own personality and weren’t flat objects. Customizable characters were the holy grail and didn’t matter that they didn’t start with any personality. You could give it to them during the course of the game. Just the trailers for new games made me bounce in excitement (I have ADHD. Shut up.)

Now? I see new game trailers and my response is, “Meh…I’ve played that exact same game 30 times.” Granted the graphics I played with weren’t as good, but the plot and characters are identical. And those are what matter. The video game industry is suffering the same problem that Hollywood is suffering. Creativity is dead, money rules.

Perfect example, look at how big of a hit Minecraft was. Why? Because it was new, it was different. It was like playing legos that played back. League of Legends and DOTA? Hits because they were a new type of game we hadn’t played before that could be played over and over and over with infinitely different results. The ONLY game I’ve played recently that I actually enjoyed (and wasn’t able to literally leave on, unpaused when I went to bed and come back in the morning with no negative consequences) was Anno 2070. Yes it’s your steriotypical RTS, but there’s plots and subplots even to the basic little putz missions. It’s creative as all hell! And the dynamic between the three factions is so intricate…but I digress.

Basically what I’m saying to the video game industry is this: GROW SOME CREATIVITY.

P.S. Halo, Call of Duty, and all other FPS games are the same game. Those of you that obsess over each new installment of these franchise and spend all of your money on the same game repeatedly are NOT gamers. Also the companies need to stop being greedy bastards and release a new franchise instead of expanding the old ones forever. But that’s a subject for another blog post.


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  1. ninetyninepercentgaming says :

    Video games are less serious than politics? who knew? 😀

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