Sore Losers

I wish I could say I didn’t expect to have to write about this. I wish I could say that I had enough faith in humanity that I wasn’t saying, about a week before election night, “You know, if Obama wins, the nutjobs are going to try to secede.” But, unfortunately, I did expect to have to write about this. I did, in fact say (admittedly half-jokingly) “They’re going to try to secede.” As for faith in humanity, is that even a reasonable expectation in today’s world?

I wish I didn’t have to call the secessionists idiots, but I do. Here goes. You’re idiots.

You see, the grounds they keep using for their bogus secession petitions is that the Declaration of Independence sets up a precedent for it. Frankly, I’ve had enough crazy for one year so since I don’t feel like looking up the exact clause and wording they use, I’m not going to.

There is, of course, a very serious flaw with using that particular precedent. The Declaration of Independence is NOT a Law. It is/was a declaration to the nation and king of England stating that we would no longer be a part of them.

Here’s something that is, in fact, a law however. The Constitution. You remember, that thing they like to claim our president is destroying by doing the exact same things that every other president in the last 100 years has done? You may ask how this is relevant. If you aren’t asking, you should be.

You see. We have these things called Amendments that add to the Constitution. They are those little things that allow your precious freedom of religion, the press, etc. The one in particular I want to bring your attention to was adopted on July 9, 1868. It is the fourteenth amendment, was adopted in response to the Civil War, and as a result forbids secession and provides for punishment of any senator or other public official that may take part in such a rebellion.

That’s right, folks, secession is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Now, to the secessionists, please; sit down, shut up, untwist your proverbial panties, admit you lost, and grin and bear it through the next four years like everyone else did through the reign of George W. Bush.


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